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Pocatello Christmas Light Installation

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"Making Your Home or Business Burilliant During the Holidays"

Holiday Lighting At It's Best!

From small to large, we can make any size home or business look fantastic. Whether it’s roofline, landscape, or tree lighting, we will turn your home into a festive winter wonderland.

If you’ve been searching for Christmas Light Installation near me, then the search is over. We are always happy to give you a free, no obligation bid on any project. You will almost certainly be pleasantly surprised.

Jake Burden Jr.

Jake Burden Jr.

We are now taking appointments for the 2023 Holiday Season

We Turn Ideas Into Work of Art

We Provide; Design, Installation, Maintenance, Removal & Storage

Very Simple, Very Affordable!

We can install your own lights or you can purchase one of our High-Quality Lighting Packages

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